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What Happens When You Try to Film a Police Officer

What to Expect in Becoming a Police Officer

In addition to the rigorous application process, new police officers have a tremendous number of obstacles to overcome in their first year on the job. These junior cops are to radio calls on his own. Paying close attention and knowing what to expect in the beginning stages could make or break a career and even save a life. 11 Oct "In [CITY], it tends to be more of a cowboy situation Usually they'll assign it to a sergeant, he takes his crew out -- as you would expect, there tend to be fewer female cops than males, so they get tapped from anywhere in the district." John Roman/iStock/Getty Images "Sorry, Sheriff. We know you have a city. 6 May So this book is being published at a time when a lot of Americans are very worried about police who shoot to kill without sufficient cause, especially if the suspect is a black man. And so with all this fear and suspicion now surrounding police after the succession of killings, is this affecting how people see you.

He says that when he was in uniform, it wasn't unusual to handle 20 jobs a night. And in plain clothes in the anti-crime unit, his teams would make several felony collars a week, mostly robberies, assaults and gun this web page. He nearly got run over by a train while chasing a suspect through a subway tunnel.

He dealt with decaying corpses discovered in apartments. While making one arrest when he was a rookie, a crowd gathered around him and started throwing bottles and rocks at him. But he loved the work. His father was a New York City cop, too. When Osborne retired inhe was a lieutenant, a commanding officer of the Manhattan Gang Squad. After retiring, he started writing down some of his experiences. That led to him telling stories for The Moth, which brings together people telling true stories on stage and broadcasting some of those stories on The Moth Radio Hour.

His appearances on The Moth led to his memoir, which is now out in paperback. It's called "The Job: So this book is being published at a time when a lot of Americans are very worried about police who shoot to kill without sufficient cause, especially if the suspect is a black man.

And so with all this fear and suspicion now surrounding police after the succession of killings, is this affecting how people see you as a former cop? You know, people watch the news, and, you know, it is - it's What To Expect When Hookup A Cop bad time for police across the country right now. That's why I hope, like - when you read my book, I think you get a better idea of the day-to-day life of what a cop goes through out on patrol.

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And I hope it sheds a little bit of light compared to, like, what people see on the news constantly. I'm going to ask What To Expect When Hookup A Cop to do a reading from your book about a time that you pulled your gun and maybe came close to shooting and fortunately didn't. And I think this gives some insight in what goes on - what went on in your mind when faced with a potentially really dangerous situation.

And just set up a little bit what happened before the part that you're going to read. I was a new sergeant in the precinct and a job came over the air of a man with a gun in a car with a female. I spotted the car leaving the scene. I followed him and pulled him over. What I did not know at the time was that the guy in the car was a cop. The cop in the car was dating a girl from the neighborhood.

And the bad guys in the check this out where she lived didn't like the fact that a white cop was dating a Hispanic girl from the neighborhood. So whenever he would show up to pick her up, they would call and call in a man with a gun. I did not know that at the time.

What To Expect When Hookup A Cop

All I knew was a job was coming in over the air of source man with a gun. So when I pulled him over and he stepped out of the car, I saw his gun.

And I didn't know who he was, and at that moment, I thought I was going to have to shoot somebody.

You have to be able to clearly describe how he was paying for a sexual act, and how you know what he was paying for. Often, that sacrifice starts with your wallet. I wouldn't - I would never in a million years tell her.

OK, now would you read that part? And this is from Steve Osborne's new memoir about his life as a cop called "The Job: Reading This is it. This is a cop's life. Every minute of every day, this is what you wait for. This is what you think about and this is what you prepare for - the man with the gun. I looked What To Expect When Hookup A Cop the gun, then at the dopey grin on his face.

And I thought, this guy is going to try and shoot me, and he's pretty F-ing happy about it. All that thinking took about one second. Then I dropped the radio, grabbed my gun, yanked the door handle and shoved it open with my shoulder all in one move. I jumped out of the car, pointed my gun right in his face and started yelling. Put them up or I'll blow your head off.

Again, much to my surprise, he threw his hands right up and did exactly what I told him. When I threw him on the truck of the car, he was trying to say something, but I couldn't really hear him. I was wound up, and all I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears. I had him spread eagle on the car with my gun screwed in the back of his head while I reached into his waistband and grabbed the gun. While dealing with him, I had to keep one eye on the female in the car.

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I didn't want her getting out and jumping on my back or trying something else crazy because she wanted to help her man. Out on the What To Expect When Hookup A Cop, a woman can be just as nasty and vicious as any guy can be, and a lot of times they're worse.

Then I heard him say it again, but this time he yelled it. I'm on the job. That caught my attention. He was trying to tell me he was a cop. If he had said I'm a police officer, I would have known he was full of it.

But in a situation like this, this was the correct and the only response. OK, so happy ending in that one. He told you - you were a cop. You visit web page were able to hear that, and all was - all was resolved.

But I think that puts you in - that reading puts you in the mindset of how frightening it is for a cop when you see somebody who has a gun or who you think has a gun. Did that happen to you a lot?

I mean, over the years - I mean, as a cop and especially as a supervisor, I can't even count - I was involved in thousands and thousands of arrests of some really bad, dangerous individuals.

And just because you see the gun doesn't mean you panic and start shooting. You take control of the situation, and in that situation I didn't panic. You know, I kept my control, and it had a happy ending. I wouldn't say panicking, but this probably - I could tell you out of all of those arrests that I made, there's at read more a half a dozen guys that I came very, very close to shooting.

I mean, at the point where I was pulling the trigger. And at the last possible second, they dropped the gun.

Or I had one or two instances where the guy pulled the gun on me, and he was pointing it at me and the only thing I could do was wrestle it out of his hands, and that's what I did. I wrestled the gun off of him, and it had a successful conclusion. You know, he got arrested and nobody got - me or him.

How cops can secure their firearms 1. These junior cops are put through educational courses and extensive training classes in the Police Academy, followed by a hands-on period in the field where they are overseen by a superior. It can leave you feeling satisfied, rewarded, sad, disgruntled, lonely and fulfilled, all in the same shift.

The thing with police work is when these things happen, you've link about a second. You've really got about one second to make a - to make a life-and-death decision. Your adrenaline's shooting out of your ears.

Half the times you're doing it in the dark. It's nighttime, or you're in some darkened hallway or abandoned building, and you've got one second to get it right.

What to Expect on Your First Day at the Police Academy

And luckily, over the years, I got it right. Laughter That's, like, one of the most common questions. And when I tell people no, they seem disappointed.

What To Expect When Hookup A Cop

It's like, you know, you watch TV, and you think cops are firing their guns every night, but that's not true. And over the course of 20 years, I involved in thousands and thousands of arrests.

And on top of that - you know, I couldn't even possibly count - tens of thousands of, like, you know, civilian interactions. And no, I never had What To Expect When Hookup A Cop fire my gun once, believe it or not. What does that say? I had plenty of opportunities. I could tell you there's at least a half a dozen guys that are still walking around out there that I would've been completely justified using deadly physical force, but at the last possible second, I found another way to resolve it.

But make no mistake about it. If I had to do it, I would do it. I was fully prepared to do it. But luckily for them and luckily for me, always at the last second, I found a way to resolve the situation without having to resort to deadly physical force.

And click the following article what you have to remember. Like, you have different tools. You've got a night stick. You've got a Taser. You've got a gun. Your gun is your last resort. After everything else fails, that's the last resort. Nobody wants to do that. Nobody wants to fire a shot.