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The Truth About Playing Hard to Get

playing hard to get and being pursued

A few years ago, I went on a couple of dates with a guy who was really into me, but I wasn't that into him. Then one day I found out he had started dating someone else. As soon as he was no longer available, I became obsessed with him and was kicking myself for missing my chance. Playing hard to get is one of the oldest. 30 Dec Even once you start dating, guys still want some mystery to the relationship. They don't want a girl who's always available. They want a girl who makes them work for it. They want a girl who plays hard to get. That said, the question I want to pose to you is whether or not we should play into this little game. But, who am I to say someone isn't worth it because they are "easy" to get? If we play hard to get, we are told that we are playing mind games. Yet there are Christian men who perpetuate and actually encourage this kind of behavior. This is why I'm through with dating. LOL. I was in the world for a long time.

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Christian Dating Playing Hard To Get

To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our cookie policy. My friends from college, family, and even complete strangers, were so excited to offer their support. I was surrounded by encouragement, pre-date pep talks, outfit recommendations, funny first date stories, and an abundance of dating advice.

Pursue Her: A Message To Christian Men - Get Paid To Flirt!

When I look back on all of the advice I was given, there is no doubt in my mind that it was all well-intentioned. After that first date with Joseph who is now my husband!

While some of them turned out to be unhelpful, others were downright destructive when put into practice. This is something a mother may tell her daughter, but I doubt men are given that advice when preparing for a date.

The idea of playing hard to get is not new to the dating scene, however. Kirby Goldin, a clinical psychologist who is currently completing her postdoctoral fellowship at New York University, recently studied the phenomenon of playing hard to get and found out that it has ancient roots.

Don’t play hard to get. | Dalrock

When I was first getting to know Joseph, it was tempting to wait a bit longer to respond to his messages, or feign busyness when he asked me out on another date.

I was worried about coming across as needy if I replied right away, or seeming too eager for the second date. How are you supposed to develop a genuine connection when you are focused on gaining the upper hand?

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about playing hard to get is how easy it is to lose sight of what you want the relationship to be. But when worries of how long to wait before responding to a text take center stage, no one is getting to know each other. So how do you break out of the vicious cycle of playing hard to get? The answer is simpler than I thought: There are plenty of things to take into read article when discerning what you want from a romantic relationship.

Don’t Just Play Hard to Get. Be Hard to Get!

Buri recommends asking yourself in-depth questions: Is this person trustworthy? Is this person selfish and self-centered? Do you have fondness, admiration, and appreciation for this person? Playing the hard-to-get game is harmful when you actually want to invest in a relationship with someone.

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Christian Dating Playing Hard To Get

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Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. Philip Kosloski and Maria Paola Daud. Chloe Langr Aug 03, The attempted power play in dating is as old as Socrates, but it needs to be retired. Is Attraction Irrelevant in Christian Dating? Top 10 For Her.

This is conventional wisdom, but it is nonetheless flat out wrong. Any godly man should find that to be very unattractive. The old Russian maxim being if you want to be married to a general then marry the lieutenant.

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