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Introduction Clipstone Video Youtube Cat Dating

Songify This - CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT (now on iTunes) -- a song about loving cats

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15 Apr If you’ve ever been on the Internet, you’ve probably seen Debbie, the crazy eHarmony cat lady. Her video for the online dating site went viral and now has almost 28 million views. In the video above, The Pet Collective (aided by some HuffPost Comedy editors’ expert cat. VIDEO . Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester with RJ Plug and Alligator Clips (Tone and Probe Kit) by PTE . PRO Tone Generator with Probe KitHarris PRO Tone & Probe Kit- 18 month warranty- Requires one 9 volt battery in each product to operate (not included)- "Works on virtually anycable or wire" - Cat 3/5/5e/6. 15 Jun Chances are that by now you've seen Cara Hartmann's 'eHarmony Video Bio,' the YouTube video of the girl that really loves cats that took off last week, accruing over million views in only a few days. Since the video took off, parodies have been pouring in to YouTube so we thought we'd put together a.

Just check my previous two posts. Weirdly enough, this is usually a head scratching process. And honestly, it happens every single time. I religiously grabbed every one and stuck them in that VA section for a rainy day. The entire chunk now being a treasure trove of both obscure and focus tracks. Others were theme centric: And there were many songs to choose from here, not forgetting, the Sue UK label issued the American Sue releases see more with various blues and RnB singles from small and indie US labels.

Apparently, neither had cleared the idea of picking up product from other US companies and slapping a Sue label on it for the UK. And so, the team at Ensign picked some solid originals here that went on to become widely popular as covers. I had no idea there was even a soundtrack, but should have figured as much.

It Youtube Cat Dating Video Introduction Clipstone a New York to London flight, and I was famished. Still, I reported him as soon as we arrived. Are there any songs more spot on about the future than this one? Talk about a crystal ball. The record might even be scary in the right setting or state of mind. It still gives me the creeps. It was shocking at the time. Unbeknown to us all, Mrs. Smith contributed incredibly toward my formative years of becoming an avid music fan and record collector.

Top 20, Top 60 or the kiss of death Chart categories. Mind you, this section was highly influential at the time. More importantly, did the person or persons responsible for this damnation even listen to it? For true, it was a hard and painful moment Youtube Cat Dating Video Introduction Clipstone. But all things happen for a reason. Religiously I would scour the magazine upon arrival. Literally, all things would stop. The process took hot line style priority status. I called him immediately, usurped the auction and closed the sale early.

To my extreme luck, and possibly as karmic blessing, a sheet of the below factory jukebox tabs was inside the sleeve:.

By age 11, Spike Jones was playing pots and pans, substituting forks, knives and spoons for sticks. Years later he became known as the best drummer in Hollywood. When current, he considered himself a maker of sounds, not music visit web page eventually, his zany style clearly became a direct influence on The Bonzo Dog Band, like The Goons before them.

I had a few odd Dean Courtney records, a later album on some Columbia distributed label, and a few singles but none of them can touch this. Instead, indeed it happens to be his most valuable single, according to The Northern Soul Price Guide. I gave it a spin last night, and my eyes bugged out.

Schlepped my tired bones to another one in 5 Towns Saturday morning. I really thought twice about it. Listing his phone number in the post, I called the guy the night before. This fellow was kind of short, probably having gotten so many calls already. I wanted to know, did he have any records, given none where listed in the ad. Seeing as the number was listed, why not ring? Oh boy, a little knowledge can be more dangerous than a lot, but I got up, showered, and braved Youtube Cat Dating Video Introduction Clipstone NYC snow storm.

That, by the way, means an inch or so, but the city cripples and these moments make for perfect opportunities to buy records at just this kind of event. Waiting in line at 7am with a bunch of desperate, unwashed dealers, hoping to make their rent for yet another week is pretty fucking ugly and depressing.

Why am I here? Well guess what, these records are two of about fifty examples of why. I shudder to imagine the stuff that he unloaded prior, but the remnants were just fantastic.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Introduction Clipstone

Plus, I love anything to do with London Records. The examples are becoming endless. What I do know is this one is a rad Link Wray attempt, and hopefully they were from Kansas or somewhere equally unlikely. I guess you could call it Surf. Generally, I despise when anyone writes on the here label, or even the company sleeve.

In this case though, I appreciate the identification. Collier RecordsD. I was not initially attracted to this record, nor Sam Cooke for that matter, when current.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Introduction Clipstone

Just recently did I give it a play and only because this UK promo pressing beauty entered my collection, thank you Vicki Wickham.

How did I not notice the organ playing ever before? So my world wide web digging began. And I Youtube Cat Dating Video Introduction Clipstone this too, confirming Billy Preston. He was at a career low. After the performance, he and his wife came out to the front bar for a drink with Eric and Mel, and Corinne and I. The four of us were about the only folks who showed up. How could this public indifference be possible?

Came out of the coffin, the whole ten yards. Just hysterical, really camp and out of control, most likely cocaine fueled. So I asked Screamin Jay if he knew him, and had he really given up all those fun things.

Trilo, is an emergent producer from Slovakia, who catches more and more attention in the scene with releases on Bad Taste, Eatbrain and now his first EP on the legendary Renegade Hardware! This was at the height of Glam in the UK. Try a trip to the small but brilliant New Forest Reptile Centre.

And that was his response. No info on this or if any other tracks were recorded. Who at RCA would have signed him, and why?

It was his only ever chart entry there or anywhere. At least he got to experience some justice prior to getting into that coffin one last time.

It was a good time to be alive.


Anyone who got a chance to source them live will instantly verify their greatness.

Not until a few years later, when reissued, did proper airplay result. The first day these two feet ever touched British soil or more accurately, the carpeting at Heathrow. Just dug through my sock drawer to verify. Believe it, in those days, the great radio of the UK was not a click away. This is the one.

Last night, I was awoken by a pretty fierce thunderstorm. I know exactly the spot where this monumental moment occurred. Major delays between London and Gatwick Airport set to continue overnight as one person is seriously injured in eight vehicle pile-up on the M23 One of Britain's first gay fathers has throat cancer and 18 months to live: Grapefruit issued their first single to much attention as The Beatles had acquired the publishing and hence posed in trade pictures with the band.

But in homeland England, they were still being played on the radio, a kind of musical source to open source. I know exactly the spot where this monumental moment occurred. It was about two hundred yards into Regents Park, sitting up against the first tree to the very left of the park entrance directly opposite the Great Portland Street tube station.

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Dinah still has that wireless in her kitchen, and lives in the same flat a few blocks away on Cleveland Street, W1. The beautiful insanity of youth, you have to love it. It was as though Ray Davies was speaking right at me, every last word. A little frightening in one way, given almost all of them applied.

I came to England to escape American bands. It was a cold day for July. Literally did an about face and decided to go back, then stopped. What an idiot, coming all this way and already having bought the ticket.

Still, something felt not right. Turned out this was the day Ray Davies quit on stage, just like that.

Everyone literally looked at each other in fear, was this really happening? Days later, all the music press covers announced the bad news to the world. I still have my copy. It was not a good week.

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Family also announced their breakup. Two of my all time favorites, gone. Still, with glam in full swing, the mind did wander and life did go on. What seemed like an eternity in reality lasted about three weeks.