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THE HOTTEST NEW STAR IN HOLLYWOOD IS YOU! Congratulations! You've just been accepted to Hollywood University, the school for stars. Pack your bags, because fame, fortune, and romance await! • CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO FAME: Will you be a Director, Movie Star, or Fashionista? • DRESS FOR THE RED. 29 Jul I sort of beat Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. If you haven't been following along, that would be Kim K's iPhone game — the one that's inexplicably addictive, potentially bankrupting, set to make $ million this year, and which serves a dual purpose as a surprisingly straightforward Kardashian Fame Manual. 3 Dec When not reading or raising two young valkyries, she is editing all the spreadsheets in preparation for opening an indie bookstore. They have two other games, High School Story and Hollywood U that I have not played but are apparently also good on diversity and empathy and might be better for the.

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Pack your bags, because fame, fortune, and romance await! Will you be a Director, Movie Star, or Fashionista? Jet set to Vegas, attend red carpet premieres, and more… with ongoing dates that build your relationship! Please note that Hollywood U is completely free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items with real money. Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at: Fun way What Level Is Hookup Unlocked In Hollywood U get money.

Won't make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It's also the best exchange rate on points. Vearn points equals va instead of like some of the others where it takes Vearn points to reach va etc You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to waIet for cash. I love these guys thanks for addingsome fun to my day. But, im having issues playing offline. I cant even open continue reading game at all offline, which stinks So, maybe you guys can check that out.

I also have the high school story game, and i have no problem opening that one offline. Also, it would be so nice and awesome if it was easier to get diamonds and rings, maybe log in bonuses or something. You know if you didn't push so hard to make people pay for things with real money, then maybe more people would spend there real money on your games. Anyways, thank you for the fun games. This game is fun, addictive, and yeah! If u download this it'll say movie star planet on recommended part.

Do not download it! So this read more is so super fun!! I want people like Katie Perry and Selena Gomez. Also other famous people.

Thanks for supporting us pixelberry. It's a really great game like Highschool story but the only thing that i don't like about this is you need to play it online. If i can really play it minus the data it will be so great. I just need a data connection to open the game and close it as soon as the game starts. It's a really great game.

What Level Is Hookup Unlocked In Hollywood U

Great graphics, story line and gameplay. I love this game as much as i love High school story. So far so good.

If there is anyway to fix this. Pixelberry Studios partners with the National Eating Disorders Association to bring awareness to body image issues and eating disorders. However, they broke it off because there was "too much criticism" in their relationship. January 7, at So I have the Halloween quests but I don't know how to get the Zombie dorm?

The only thing that i notice about this game is the length of time that i need to use for me to finish up the quests and the value of the diamonds. I wish there's a bonus in this game which we can receive or earn diamonds.

But aside from that it's a really great game so you deserve 5 stars. I really loved the game but, please update more.

Thomas Hunt

Like, the date with thomas hunt. I want to see the wedding so please, please please! I know you guys are busy with choices and I also love that game, but I really want to know what will happen in their wedding.

October 22, at 1: He was ranked 33 of Starlet Magazine's annual Sexy I can't say how sad I am that it's over. I was a player of High School Story totes amazing game too and went to check this game out.

And also please make an endless summer book 3 already. Isaac the Worship Warrior. I've played so much of high school What Level Is Hookup Unlocked In Hollywood U and there was a quest that ended up suggesting this game where you go to a famous university. I haven't played much of this game but I love it so far. It's just as What Level Is Hookup Unlocked In Hollywood U and has a fun story just like the original. And the maturity makes it even better in some ways. My only complaint with the game is that so far it hasn't made any references to any events or people from the original like Autumn or Julian, but maybe I'm wrong and they come in somewhere.

I wanna see what's happening with them and I wanna see if they incorporate some of that story in as well. Other than that, read more pretty fun.

User reviews February 11, Janina Carise Samarista February 10, Pixelberry January 17, Cristel Belialba December 30, Pixelberry December 30, Isaac the Worship Warrior August 1, Pixelberry January 4, Kuro- tan October 1, To be honest, this is a great game I do prefer this more than HSS but still. I am liking the storyline so far and I do like the most of the characters especially my MC and Mr.

Though I do have one problem. The offline mode, I can't seem to play this offline. Pixelberry December 13, Slenderman October 1, Great game and thoroughly love playing it, glad that the level up mechanic was changed. But I'm now wondering what happened to all of the updates? I enjoyed seeing the new and festive things you guys could come up with. It was like a breath of fresh air to the game.

But it has almost been a year and yet no updates. Dinda Leryzanti November 2, I was a player of High School Story totes amazing game too and went to check this game out.

Honestly, this game is amazing, and I'm very enjoying it so far. But however, when I try to open the game just now, it won't open? It was still loading, but in the middle of loading, it suddenly blacked out and I returned to my homescreen. I tried it again and again, but I still couldn't open the game. Pixelberry November 5, Kalypso Fox July 6, This game is amazing. It's beautiful, great quality a fantastic storyline.

What Level Is Hookup Unlocked In Hollywood U

The characters personalities are so in depth. Funny jokes, fashionable outfits. Progressive relationships letting you play as and date both male and female characters.

Pixelberry is an awesome team who creates some of the best mobile games I've ever experienced. I'm sad to say that I've reached the finale story and I'll miss this. Thank you What Level Is Hookup Unlocked In Hollywood U this, Pixelberry. Pixelberry January 16, This game is really fun to play! The problem I'm having is that the zombies and the Haunted dorm are not showing up for me in my store tab. I can't even get a zombie because I only bought Gasper and I don't have any others to get the base trait, and plus I have no way to get my zombie in my entourage because the haunted dorm is not there.

I had the glitch where the fear quest that I had to buy the haunted dorm and a zombie and they didnt show up in my store, but as soon as that was fixed, I thought the zombies and the haunted dorm would be there. Please fix this, I really want a zombie.

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Pixelberry December 10, Charlene Fulton June 9, Very entertaining and love how you can chat with other players. But it erases my game every time I reach level 3 has happened three times already. Willing to update to see if it helps but I don't think I'll be ke3ping this game if it happens again Full Review. Pixelberry June 11, Anne Amba-Myne January 23,