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23 Jan What matters to you in dating, is what matters to you, no matter how deep or superficial. What commonalities I value, shouldn't determine whether or not you should date someone. The value you place on common interests is purely subjective, but that doesn't mean that they're any less important. If any of. 'Opposites attract' as they say but on some cases, its not always something that works. It's hard to date someone that you have absolute no common interest with whatsoever. You're opinions might contradict and to think about what you guys should do together that will be considered fun will be hard. 26 Apr I stand by that post today, especially now that I'm dating and living with someone. You and your partner don't need to spend every waking moment together, and don't need to have common interests, because the shared values are what hold you together. Values like how you treat other people, cats or dogs.

So recently I've developed a crush on a musician. I personally am not musical at ALL and express no particular likes or dislikes in terms of bands or singers. I don't play any instruments, can't sing in tune, can't read music On the other hand, it's very obvious that music is a big part of my crush's life.

He has a distinctive music style he enjoys, has been able to visit another country because of his musical abilities, plays an instrument very well and is generally a musical genius. It's not that I hate music, however I have no passion for it and would not be able to give him the reaction he wants when he performs a song or share his feelings towards a new album coming out.

What I'm wondering is, do you think a relationship would still work out? I'm asking this as a general question not specifically for my case! I know personally that I would not be able to settle down with someone who did not enjoy travelling.

Dating Someone With No Common Interests

It's one of my dreams to travel the world and if my partner would not want to do that with me, then he is not the one. Simply put, my wanderlust is a huge part of me and it's not something I'm willing to sacrifice or compromise.

So what does everybody think? I'm open to any opinions Dating Someone With No Common Interests I think it could work to date someone which have different interests than me. If we have at least something in common. It sounds like you're focusing a lot on one thing. People usually have more than one interest, even if they're passionate about something. Either way, there's only way to find out if it'd work, and that is to try.

Obviously, you have to have some things in common but just because one person really likes reading and the other one really likes dancing, doesn't mean that they wouldn't work out. It's a bit silly to only expect to go out with someone who has exactly the same passions as you do. Not so much because I wouldn't be able to put up with it, but why the fuck would she put up with me? I like horror movies alot, say she didn't like horror movies, why the bloody hell would she stick around me?

I don't see why not. The concept that you have to date someone who's exactly the same as you or something akin to that is bullshit. There's A LOT more to a good, healthy relationship than having similar interests. Being able to tolerate each other, being able to love each other despite whatever flaws or annoyances the other person has, having an emotional attachment with one another, realizing that no one is "perfect" and being okay with that and not in a regretful, begrudging wayetc.

I mean, yeah, having some similar interests is a good thing, but having all of your interests be the same as your significant other? My boyfriend is a massive Warhammer 40K nerd. I'm not nearly as passionate about it as he is. I absolutely love pasta. My boyfriend despises it. I am a massive gun nerd.

My boyfriend isn't so much. My boyfriend has a lot of weird kinks. I'm a bit more boring and vanilla in comparison. Yes it can work, but only if you're willing to donate a lot of time and effort to appreciating that part of his life, and you need to have a lot else in common as well to make up for it. I don't think it matter too much if the person your dating doesn't have the same interest as you. A little independence from each other in hobbies and activities is healthy to a degree.

Though if there is absolutely no common ground in interests then there might be problems, conversions would either get very boring for one person or conversation dries up all together. They've all gone to shit in the end anyway, but Dating Someone With No Common Interests least they went somewhere first. Big, fat, sparkling no. I don't want the love of my life to be a just a human I can kiss without read more being akward, I want the love of my life to be a BBF with benefits that I can marry and hang around with for the rest of click the following article life.

Not that it can't work under the right circumstances, but I believe that there needs to be at least some shared interests for the relationship to work. At the same time, a difference of opinion on some things is healthy for the bond between both parties. There's only one thing I wouldn't compromise on should someone of the opposite gender ever deigns to want to spend time with me: That all being said, I have absolutely NO experience in this field, so take that as you will.

It would be boring if you met someone who liked everything you did, there would be no growth between you.

Dating Someone With No Common Interests

It could easily work. Just show at least some interest in their interest, whatever it may be, don't trivialize it, and don't patronize it even though you may very much Dating Someone With No Common Interests one of their interests in particular. Having similar interests could help, but as they say, click attract.

Take it from a married man who thought the same thing - your relationship will work better when you have less in common to an extent of course. Having very basic things in common is good, but the more you are different the more you can learn from eachother. You'll know immediately if you have chemistry, thats whats important. But different tastes in food, music, movies can lead you both to grow as individuals and as a couple.

She never told me she has 20k in credit card debts. And I think that makes her the perfect girl for me. I am a firm believer in dating at least 4 seasons and we are already in our 3rd season of love.

And I was never big into Harry Potter, but I am now. And I also have developed tastes for various french-canadian dishes that I would have never tried before. As for him being a musician, just show proper respect towards his art and him as an artist, support him when Dating Someone With No Common Interests needs it, and you won't have any problems - you could even learn something if he wants to teach you. I would go for it anyway, interests can change, and I think each person in a couple having their own interests is perfectly fine, as long as the other person understands and supports their hobby or interest.

As others have been saying, people can be very different yet be attracted to one another, sometimes it's because of those differences that couples wind up being drawn to each other in the first place. But the differences are what keeps a relationship interesting, and the individuals from going mad.

Having one's own interests means having something to pursue alone and having alone-time is important.

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It also allows the individuals to have an "identity" or "role" within the relationship, enhancing the trust, reliance and enjoyment of each other's company.

I think having a common foundation is important, as are our individual deal-breakers, whatever those may be but we do all have them. Providing this is true, I believe that different interests are not just good to have, but essential. IMO if you found someone with whom you shared absolutely everything, one or another of you would get bored quite fast. Well you need SOME kind of common ground. You don't have to be mad about the same things, but a mutual interest in something about life is recommended, I think.

If the expression "Opposites attract" has any relevance, then yeh it shouldn't be "impossible" to date someone you have little in common. Actually come to think of it My mum and dad are complete opposites yet are happily married.

I can think of other couples too who have little in common yet still love each other madly. Yeh this notion that couples need to share interests to be together is flimsy really, i can see why it is good advice to seek people you share interests with but it shouldn't be a golden law or else we will end up in a world where people only date people in Dating Someone With No Common Interests same profession as them.

I remember reading a study that said opposites only attract with magnets with people not so much. I'm not saying it can't happen I'm saying the odds are against it. I think if you have a crush on them you can at least try. There's some motivation to that. Relationships can easily work with differences. As for myself I probably wouldn't merely because Dating Someone With No Common Interests uninterested in people lacking common interest.

I am similar to my dad. Submit a new text post. I was in this same position at three years in one of my relationships. It can be so exciting to be with someone who has opinions that mostly differ from yours, because then, it challenges you to reconsider your own views and start interesting discussions. You have to kiss A LOT of toads to find your prince.

And that's not little things either. I have very specific areas of interest, and don't care about anything else.

How Important Are Common Interests in a Relationship?

I think it would only be a detriment to the relationship to have great differences if you have a specific desire for great common interest. It more than likely would not work out between the two of you. You need to be passionate about something, really the same thing for it to learn more here. Obviously everyone is different but if Dating Someone With No Common Interests aren't passionate about something that is seemingly such a huge part of his life it wouldn't work.

But don't just give up, talk to him and see, maybe you have more in common than you realize. On a side note, the thing that I needed to type in to make sure spam bot's don't post of anything is "face the music". Depends on the extent to which you are willing to indulge thier passion, because dating someone you dont share the interest in is fine, I've dated people who are not into gaming at all but they've sat with me while I've played games, dont get me wrong they are still the focus of my attention but lazy Sundays sat with eachother them reading a book or simply cuddling with me as I play a game and just enjoy one another's company Point is the way I see it Dating Someone With No Common Interests least there will come times when they will be practicing thier passion around you and even if its not your thing you need to be supportive and try to be a part of it when the need you.

See it an an opportunity to learn new things and in time be able to share things that are new to that person: It may not work, but still, I'd give it a shit. Do you have any links? Almost every elderly couple I've ever heard interviewed about their secrets to a happy, long-lasting marriage have said that their differences were the key.

From person experience, I can say that it is true to an extent at least it is to the extent I felt. On paper, my last girl and I should've been perfect. She was Jewish, creative and musical which I find very attractiveBrunette normally my "type" wanted the same things from life as me and enjoyed going out to the same sort of places. We didn't have any chemistry though and it ended link.

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The girl before her though, she was a Scottish vegetarian buddhist smoker and part time DJ into house music. Nothing there in common but I was nuts about her. Both handed me a ticket to Dumpsville but I was only messed up by the Scottish girl.