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Dance Moms: Miami: Victor & Angel:No One Likes A Quitter

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No. Title, Original air date. 1, "Get Fierce!" April 3, Dance Moms: Miami follows Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, the owners and dance instructors at their renowned contemporary dance studio in Miami, Florida. The studio is managed with an iron hand by the no-nonsense instructor Angel and Victor's mother. Are victor and angel from dance moms miami dating. "pushed to the edge of the dance floor".Victor and angel, the dance coaches of stars dance studio, begin the dance season with a funky jazz number. but victor falls ill and leaves all the coaching to angel while dance mom susan encourages her daughter diaz: mia. 4 Apr Last night was the premiere of the first Dance Moms' spin-off, Dance Moms: Miami. We are introduced to Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, owners of Star Dance Studios in Miami, Florida. I am curious to see if they will be as horrible as Abby Lee from the original Dance Moms, but from an overview of the.

I am curious to see if they will be as horrible as Abby Lee from the original Dance Moms, but from an overview of the upcoming season, they seem to be reserving the insanity for the moms. Debi is floored to see Hannah at the bottom.

'Dance Moms: Miami': Victor Smalley says Abby Lee Miller is more 'razzle dazzle'

His mother Brigettethinks her nine-year-old winning multiple competitions should grant him a better place on the list. Oh, and she also touts herself as the resident dance mom b! The coveted top spot belongs to Jessi Kennedy. Her mother Susan is going source be a spitfire, mark my words.

The troupe prepares for an upcoming competition, and Victor gives them a pep talk. Jessi scores a solo, and Lucas and Kimmy will have a duet where the young pair will be competing against twelve-year-old dancers.

Hannah is saddened to learn that she will not have a solo this week. Debi jumps in to talk about how strict this studio is compared to the one Sammy used to attend. Abby agrees that it must be, as Hannah seems to be dancing a bit better than the Dance Moms Miami Angel And Victor Dating time Abby saw her.

Debi admits that she is far more competitive than her daughter. She cannot wait until Hannah is a superstar and shows up Sammy. Debi blames Victor for not giving Hannah a solo or a duet. He sashays away leaving Debi fuming.

I already like this show so much better than the original!

We learn that Jessi is uber-competitive and wants to win at all costs. A bit more history? Lifetime, you also may have a movie of the week with this one. Kimmy is nine, and she wakes up every morning at 4am to complete her homework so she can get her dance practice in while juggling elementary school. Anicia believes Kimmy gets her OCD tendencies from her, and she fancies herself the peacekeeper among the other moms.

Miami places 4th, link Chloe of the original Dance Momswho places fifth. T know if it was my hours at the gym tonight or. Retrieved December 19, Kimmy becomes distracted when the duet between her and Lucas is a changed to a trio with her, Lucas, and Mia.

Kimmy and Lucas have quite little duet kicking…are they this web page or nineteen? Angel sees absolutely no chemistry between the two.

Susan chastises Jessi for resting when she should be practicing her solo. The other mothers feel that Susan is far too hard on her daughter.

Angel is going to nip this in the bud. Susan is not a dance instructor, and her daughter will be far too tired to work with Angel when her time for instruction comes. The dancers show up for the first competition, and Lucas is channeling his mini-Bieber.

Victor is super sick, and he keeps vomiting everywhere. He tries to rally for the dancers, but he should probably see a doctor. Who will help Jessi with her stretches and give her a pep talk?

Angel jokes that Victor is pregnant. Once they arrive at the competition, Angel urges the usually unruly ladies to stay quiet so Victor can rest.

Dance Moms: Miami: Victor & Angel: Pushed To The Edge Of The Dance Floor - Fun Dating Sites!

Susan then jumps on Brigette and Debi, causing Jessi to lose her focus. If she dances poorly, Susan thinks the other moms are to blame for rattling her daughter. After returning from the doctor, Victor arrives in time to see Lucas and Kimmy perform their tango duet.

The little guys do an amazing job, but Lucas is extremely hard on himself. Kimmy thinks they did fine. The group dance is out of control…these are some super talented kids.

The moms are very proud, but Angel thinks a few of the students were off a bit. Jessi wins second place for her solo, and her mother is in tears—not with pride, but because the moms bickering stressed her out too much to garner first place. Kimmy and Lucas win first place in the duet category. The troupe wins small group and Hannah goes to collect their trophy.

Dance Moms Miami Angel And Victor Dating

Jessi snatches it away like a mean older sister. Victor does not like bad sportsmanship.

Dance Moms Miami Angel And Victor Dating

Back in the holding area, Debi excuses the dancers to discuss what has just happened with the other mothers. Susan is immediately on the defensive and storms out crying.

Debi is open about her feelings and reveals she believes Hannah is being set up to fail due to her past emotional connection with Sammy. After returning from the doctor, Victor arrives in time to see Lucas and Kimmy perform their tango duet. Days of Our Lives fans know that Chad wanted to know why this is happening to him.

Angel thinks these ladies are uncontrollable animals. Angel is likely on to something! Next week, Jessi is at the bottom of the list due to her behavior, and Victor and Angel quarrel over choreography. Debi and Brigette get into it. Bring in the Funk, Bring in the Crazy Moms.

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